Give Rob Ford and his New Council the Welcome they Deserve

Rally to give Rob Ford and his New Council the Welcome they Deserve!

Nathan Philips Square (City Hall), Wednesday December 1, 12 Noon
*Meal Served in the Square

OCAP, No One is Illegal and a range of other organizations will hold a rally on December 1 to mark the swearing in of the new Mayor and the rest of City Council. The new Council are taking office at a time when, across the world, austerity measures are being imposed on working people and the poor. Rob Ford is more than ready to play his part in this vicious process.

Ford ran for office by posing as an opponent of the 'Gravy Train'.
He takes a selective view in these matters. Ford personally
complained to the College of Physicians and Surgeons to try and
prevent Dr. Roland Wong providing the Special Diet to people in poverty. The basic needs of poor people in this city forced to try to survive on inadequate OW/ODSP rates were are unaffordable in his eyes. However, the cops can expect a whole reservoir of gravy from Rob Ford, just as the Pan Am Games will get a million gallons of the stuff.

On December 1, OCAP will be joining community allies preparing for
the fights that lie ahead on the needs of communities under attack.
We will present to the new Council a demand that City welfare offices stop their ongoing drive to deny people in need the Special Diet and other vital benefits.

This is a Council that will be at war with poor and working people in this City. December 1 will be the start of our war on them. Come out and join us.

On December 1, Rob Ford becomes Mayor of Toronto. In his campaign speeches and his public statements, Ford has called for cuts to fair wages, a dismantling of the already inaccessible public transit
system, supported Toronto's police brutality during the G20, and repeatedly expressed racist anti-immigrant sentiments and outright hatred for poor people.

While claiming to speak on behalf of the 'majority', Ford actually
believes in a Toronto for the few. He believes in a Toronto divided
intosuburbs and the downtown. A Toronto divided into streetcar riders, bikers and drivers. A Toronto divided into immigrants, refugees and citizens. A Toronto where the homeless are driven out of sight as social housing is sold off to developers. A Toronto where police budgets grow and cops act with impunity. A Toronto that is open for business, but closed for the public.

This is not our Toronto. Our Toronto is about justice, dignity, and
respect for immigrants, precarious workers, poor people and unions.

On December 1, at 12 noon, a public, family friendly demonstration
is being called outside City Hall as Rob Ford becomes Mayor to
remind him what the people of this city need, expect and demand.

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