Welfare and ODSP

Please note: there have been several changes to OW/ODSP regulations that are not yet reflected in this section. It will be updated soon.

The social assistance system does not exist to meet people's needs. The welfare system exists because poor people fought decades ago for the government to provide them with the means to live when the greater economy couldn't. This is the same reason we need welfare today and why OCAP fights for decent benefits and treatment for those on the rolls. This society doesn't provide for everybody, and the fact that there are 700,000+ people on OW and ODSP in Ontario makes that clear.

OCAP is fighting for a 55% raise in assistance rates which would make assistance rates livable. We are fighting to Raise The Rates! In the meantime, we believe that everyone should get full entitlement from assistance. This means that we fight for people to get every penny they can out of social assistance.

Governments try to save money by denying and concealing benefits. Use this website to find out what you are entitled to and how to make sure you get what you deserve.