City Must Open Shelter For The Homeless Now!


Two Important upcoming events in the fight for decent
shelter space in the City of Toronto:

1) Rally and Outdoor Meal
Thursday, March 28 ~ 6.00 PM ~ Metro Hall, King and John

2) All Out to City Council
Wednesday, April 3rd ~ 9:30 PM ~ Toronto City Hall

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After weeks of determined community action to force the City to
respond to the crisis of overcrowding in its shelter system, the
Community Development and Recreation Committee met on March 18.
Dozens of powerful deputations were presented by those with experience
of homelessness, front line workers and advocates. Despite a staff
report still trying to suggest that the shelters were adequate, the
myth of a system that is coping with the needs of those on the streets
died on the floor of that committee room. Its members called on
Council to return to a policy of opening more shelter spaces when the
system reached 90% capacity but, astoundingly, recommended only that
172 'flex beds' be opened. This means putting down mats on the floor
of already overcrowded shelters and pushing capacity well beyond 96%.
At the same time, the church run Out-of-the-Cold program is set to
close at the end of March meaning more people will be looking for a
bed in even fewer spaces.

There is no getting around it - we need new shelter space opened up
immediately. When this issue comes back to City Council on April 3rd,
that is the decision that needs to be made by councillors. So, we are
holding a rally and community meal for the homeless and all supporters
on March 28 at Metro Hall - a building that was opened to the homeless
in 1999 and could be open again. And we are going back to City Council
on April 3rd to show that we are not backing down.

It has been suggested that we must move away from shelters and create
housing - and we agree that we have to build a movement that fights
for the right of everyone to have a home. But a City that lets people
die on the streets for lack of shelter beds has no intention of
housing them. And a City that has 90 000 households on the waiting
list for social housing and skyrocketing rents cannot deny the
necessity of shelters.

We must force those in power to deal with the immediate crisis on the
streets and open new shelter space without further excuses or delays.
Join us March 28th at Metro Hall and again April 3rd at City Council -
No More Homeless Deaths!

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