Statement of Solidarity with Idle No More

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) offers its support, solidarity and respect to the Idle No More movement and all ongoing Indigenous resistance against Canadian colonialism and racism.

Canada is a state built on the displacement and genocide of Indigenous peoples – this continues today and is clear in the policies of the Harper Government. It’s omnibus budget bills, and not-yet passed legislation to move towards privatization of reserve lands, represent the latest chapter in a generations-long attempt by Canada’s settler governments to dispossess Indigenous nations from their land in the interest of resource extraction, and as a means of attacking and undermining indigenous culture and nationhood.

Acting in defence of Indigenous land rights and the environment and, at the same time, demanding long-ignored treaty rights, the Idle No More movement has emerged, holding flash-round-dances in public spaces, blocking roads and trains, and holding mass demonstrations.

The true face of colonialism in Canada today and the injustices it creates are being challenged and brought before the broader Canadian public by this movement. There is ongoing theft of land, the forced extraction of resources from that land, poisoned water and soil, a chronic lack of housing, poverty, and over a thousand missing and murdered Indigenous women. Generations have suffered under these colonial polices – and we recognize that the Idle No More movement is part of a struggle that spans those generations.

As the fight escalates, OCAP joins Idle No More in demanding the repeal of all legislation that violates Indigenous sovereignty and environmental protections. As Chief Theresa Spence continues her hunger strike, we demand that the Government that seeks to impose regressive legislation, and the Crown in whose name the treaties were ratified, respect Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination and deal with these issues by way of serious Nation-to-Nation meeting. We offer our full support to those Nations that are employing economic disruption and challenging the daily theft of land and resources and we defend their right to resist. On January 28th there will be a global Idle No More day of action. Get involved at, or on facebook -
We will also try to post public events up on our website. For more information in the Toronto area, attend an Idle No More teach-in every Tuesday at 6pm at Council Fire (439 Dundas St East).
-Ontario Coalition Against Poverty