Confront the Liberals: Stop the Cut to Community Start-Up, Raise the Rates Now!

PICKET: Toronto Liberal Leadership Debate
Wednesday, January 9, 7:00pm
Old Mill Inn - 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto *Meet-Up: 6pm @ Sherbourne Subway Station (outside)

MASS PROTEST and ACTIONS: Liberal Party Leadership Convention
January 25 – 27th
Maple Leaf Gardens

Starting January 1st, 2013 – Ontario’s Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) will disappear – thanks to the Liberal led Ontario government. 16,000 Ontarians a month rely on this social assistance benefit when they need to get a place to live, pay first and last months’ rent, stave off eviction, get furniture, pay their utilities, flee domestic violence, or relocate when they must.

This cut comes on top of the previous slashing of the Special Diet Allowance and welfare and disability rates making them impossible to survive on. January 1st, 2013 will mean more evictions, more homelessness, and more people trapped in violent situations with no way out. This is the legacy of poverty and misery that the Ontario Liberals have left in their wake.

We are in a time period of increased attacks on the poor as the wealthy cut benefits and drive down wages - but poor people in Ontario are fighting back. Resistance to this cut and to the Liberal austerity agenda has been growing and gaining serious momentum. December 7 – 14th, people in cities and towns across Ontario mobilized 35+ actions to stop the cut to CSUMB and demand a raise in the rates.

We are more determined than ever to fight this cut with everything we’ve got.

In January 2013, the Liberal leadership contenders will be vying for the top spot of the party. We’ll be there to challenge them. On January 25 -27th, the Liberals will select a new leader to replace Dalton McGuinty and we'll be there to confront them. The Liberals will be forced to face those affected by their vicious cuts. Now is the time for escalation: organize in your community, join us at the Liberal Party Convention at the end of January. STOP THE CUT TO COMMUNITY START-UP, RAISE the RATES NOW!

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
#SaveCSUMB #RaisetheRates