Cross-Ontario Events- Fighting the Cut to Community Start Up

Stop the Cut to Community Start-Up, Raise the Rates Now!*
Schedule of Provincial Events Across Ontario (STARTING THIS THURSDAY IN KINGSTON!)

*The RAISE the RATES CAMPAIGN is endorsed provincially by a wide range of unions and organizations. To join and participate, please see here:

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, the Canadian Union of Public Employees Ontario, and allies across the province, are organizing a series of events this fall to demand that the McGuinty Liberals stop the cut to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit, and Raise the Rates of Social Assistance.

Cuts by the governments of Mike Harris and Dalton McGuinty have reduced welfare rates by 60% since 1995! This year`s Provincial Budget continued the rapid decline with rates that don`t even keep up with inflation. Following the previous gutting of the vital Special Diet benefit by the Liberals, this year`s Budget also brought a series of cutbacks for people on social assistance including the elimination of a benefit known as `Community Start-Up and Maintenance` (CSUMB). The government has announced it will eliminate this benefit in January 2013.

16,000 people a month turn to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit. It is one of the only ways that people on OW or ODSP can get housing, cover the costs of moving, stave off eviction and obtain the basic items to maintain a home. It is a defense against homelessness and a means by which many women and children are able to leave situations of domestic violence. Cutting CSUMB seems designed to hurt people as much as possible when they are at the most vulnerable point in their lives.

We are fighting this cut and demanding a full raise in social assistance rates to a level that permits people to live in good health and with dignity.

Kingston: September 27th
Sudbury: October 10th
Ottawa: October 11th
Hamilton: October 13th
Niagara: October 16th
Toronto: October 17th
Kitchener: October 25th

**All details of the events are below, with more to come! Please get
in touch if you would like to organize a similar event in your area.

Contact: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty // // // 416-925-6939


KCAP Free BBQ and Clinic Day

Thursday, September 27, 2012
The Salvation Army on Weller Ave., North Kingston

Kingston Coalition Against Poverty (K.C.A.P) presents a free
BBQ/clinic as part of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (O.C.A.P)
Stop the Cut to Community Start-Up Benefit! Provincial Action.

On Facebook:

If you would like more information or want to get involved in the
campaign, contact us at:


Wednesday October 10th
Join the discussion at the Sudbury Anti-Poverty Town Hall Meeting

Fight the cut to Community Start-Up!
Raise OW/ODSP Rates Now!
Raise Minimum Wage Rates Now!

Since the Mike Harris cuts of the 1990’s people on Ontario Works and
ODSP have seen the spending power on their cheques fall by close to
60%. This year’s Provincial Budget continued the rapid decline with
rates that don’t even keep up with inflation. Following the previous
gutting of the vital Special Diet benefit, this year’s Budget also
brought a series of cutbacks for people on social assistance including
the elimination of a benefit known as ‘Community Start-Up’. This vital
benefit is planned to be cut in January 2013.

The Liberal government froze the minimum wage in 2011. Workers trying
to survive on a minimum wage are already making poverty wages and are
seeing their incomes fall even further as a result of inflation and
this freeze. Currently close to 1 in 6 workers in Ontario are working
at or close to the minimum wage rate.

We are fighting this cut and demanding raises in social assistance and
minimum wage rates to where people can live with health and dignity.
Join us to talk about ways we can fight back together.

Contact: Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty // //
Also contact us for information on childcare and transportation subsidization.

Speakers include: John Clarke of the Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty, Carrie Lynn Poole from CUPE-Ontario and Elizabeth Richer from
Mamaweswen, The North Shore Tribal Council.

Sponsors: The Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty, The Sudbury and
District Labour Council, the Sudbury CUPE Council, Mamaweswen, The
North Shore Tribal Council, The Research Centre in Social Justice and
Policy and the Poverty, Homelessness and Migration Research Project,
the Labour Studies Program, and the Graduate Students' Association at
Laurentian University, The Sudbury Worker’s Education and Advocacy
Centre, and The Sudbury Action Centre for Youth.

Date: Wednesday, October 10th
Time: 6pm - free food and refreshments
6:30pm - Town Hall meeting

Location: Jubilee Centre
195 Applegrove St. Applegrove is one street south of Elm at Lorne
(behind the Court House).

These Town Hall Meetings are organized across the province by the
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and CUPE-Ontario.


Thursday, October 11, 2012 | 7:00 PM
Patro d'Ottawa
40 Cobourg St. in Lowertown

On Facebook:

The Ontario government is cutting the Community Start-Up & Maintenance
Benefit (CSUMB) that has helped thousands of people on Ontario Works &
ODSP secure and maintain their housing. As of January 2013, the
benefit will not be available.

This is effectively a cut to welfare rates. After the Mike Harris cuts
of the '90s, Premier Dalton McGuinty continues the attacks on poor

These cuts mean more hardship and will lead to more homelessness.

CSUMB helps people on OW and ODSP to:
* secure and maintain safe, healthy housing
* afford necessary items and services for their home
* leave abusive relationships & homes
* secure housing after leaving shelters, hospitals, transition houses,
and prisons

Everyone Deserves a FAIR START.

Join the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty in the FIGHT BACK.

Free event. Wheelchair accessible. Bus tickets and snacks provided.
There will be forms & support available to those wishing to apply to CSUMB.

For more information about OCAP, visit or contact

For more information about this event, contact



Saturday, October 13th
Government Cuts Hurt Everyone, Hamilton Responds to Austerity!

Walk and Rally
Gather at Gore Park (King and James)
BBQ and Refreshments provided



Niagara/St.Catharines :

Tuesday, October 16th
Town Hall Meeting on Cut to Community Start-Up and Poverty

3 - 5pm
@ Start Me Up Niagara
17 Gale Crescent
St. Catharines, Ontario

*11 200: That's how many families in the Niagara Region received
emergency assistance from the Community Start-Up last year
*75% of recipients used the benefit for basic housing needs like rent
and utilities. Other uses included fleeing domestic violence and
recovering from a bed-bug infestation

Tell Your Story, Make Your Voice Heard!
Act Now to Save Housing Supports for People on OW/ODSP!


Wednesday October 17
Day for the Eradication of Poverty
10:00 AM: Walk-in Clinic: Find out about or apply for Community Start
Up, join us at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square (west
of the Eaton Centre, south of Dundas)

12.00 Noon: Meal and Rally City Hall Square: March on the Provincial
Government to Deliver all Applications Collected that Day
On Facebook:
A Province wide campaign is being built to save the CSUMB and, in
Toronto, OCAP is looking to contribute to this on October 17 with a
mass application for the benefit that will also demand the cutback be
reversed. We will hold a mass clinic to make people aware of how they
can apply for CSUMB and we will fill in application forms for all
those who wish to obtain it. Then, we will rally together and march on
the Government to put in these applications and many more from across

If you want to help build this event or learn how you and others in
your community can receive the CSUMB, give us a call today. More than
anything, come out on October 17 and help us stop McGuinty from
getting away with his plans to put people on the streets. Save the
Community Start Up Benefit, Raise the Rates NOW!

More info at:
Contact: // 416-925-6939


Thursday, October 25th
Poverty Makes Us Sick
More details TBA