Save the Community Start Up Benefit !

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Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Wednesday October 17

Join Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) and Jane-Finch Action
Against Poverty (JFAAP) at events throughout the day...


Save the Community Start-Up, Raise the Rates Now!

10:00 AM: Walk-in Clinic:
Find out about or apply for Community Start Up and Maintenance
Benefit, join us at the Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square
(west of the Eaton Centre, south of Dundas)

12.00 Noon: Meal and Rally @ Toronto City Hall Square (Bay/Queen):
March on the Provincial Government to Deliver all Applications
Collected that Day

A Province wide campaign is being built to save the CSUMB and, in
Toronto, OCAP is looking to contribute to this on October 17 with a
mass application for the benefit that will also demand the cutback be
reversed. We will hold a mass clinic to make people aware of how they
can apply for CSUMB and we will fill in application forms for all
those who wish to obtain it. Then, we will rally together and march on
the Government to put in these applications and many more from across

If you want to help build this event or learn how you and others in
your community can receive the CSUMB, give us a call today. More than
anything, come out on October 17 and help us stop McGuinty from
getting away with his plans to put people on the streets. Save the
Community Start Up Benefit, Raise the Rates NOW!

**Parkdale Meet-Up: 9:30am @PARC drop-in (1499 Queen St. West), tokens provided

More info at:
Contact: // 416-925-6939


3:30PM: Demonstrate Against Poverty, Corner of Jane/Finch

We demand:

• Raise the rates
• Increase Minimum wage
• Keep the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit
• Restore the special diet program
• Stop police targeting youth
• Affordable: decent housing, healthy food, prescriptions, childcare

Good people

Come celebrate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty!

Four years ago JFAAP was formed on the corner of Jane and Finch. Since
then, we have done much but poverty prevails and may have gotten
worse. We have to continue to resist!
Organized by Jane Finch Action Against Poverty and Allies
Downloadable OCAP-created Community Start Up Form
The City of Toronto, unlike many other cities in Ontario, does not have an application form for the CSUMB. You don't have to use it but it may be helpful to use this form that OCAP has designed. Please keep a copy when you submit it to OW or ODSP...